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Ivaland Tree Top Panorama's cabins are an icon for tree top cabins, avant-garde class, all necessary facilities and luxury. Charm and style, come together to give life to an exclusive setting in the heart

of this forest in Southern Norway.

The cabins consist of several energy-efficient solutions such as extra good insulation, automatic remote control of light and heat, as well as environmentally friendly

building components. The heat pump ensures that we have a fresh and comfortable indoor climate, with an optimal temperature throughout the year.
This means that you get a good and comfortable indoor environment.
By building environmentally friendly, we play as a team
with nature.

We cannot hide the fact that it has been a very demanding construction process, characterized by delays, logistical challenges at height and unforeseen expenses. In parallel with the construction of Furukrona, we have also created a 2 km long road through the forest and 3 km of new power lines. The process of road and electricity has been as big as the building of the cabin itself. Knowledge, patience and good cooperation have been key factors from start to finish. It is important to mention that we have had a very good relationship with our contractors who have impressed us with their competence and commitment throughout the project.
A large dose of personal effort has been necessary, on the way from idea/dreams to realization.

The pine crown at Lomtjønn was ready in October 2021. The next treetop cabin, Ørneredet, was completed on 1 October 2023.

Here are some of the pictures from the own effort at Lomtjønn in 2021.


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